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Welcome, new recruits! This unpaid internship will prepare you for the fastidious and clandestine role of the Beat Band Sweeper.

The Time Dominion likes to keep tabs on the past so nothing goes wonky with the chrono-streams. And to do that, we use the video technology of the future... Wireless Beat Band Cameras. The Beat Band allows us to stay connected to our wireless cameras with musical rhythms and melodies. How quaint!

There's just one problem. Our agents keep forgetting where they placed their cameras. That's where you come in, Beat Band Sweeper (Unpaid Intern). It's your job to go back in time and pop and lock your Beat Band to the correct musical notes so that you can find those missing cameras. The adjustments you make to the song will clear up the visual image we are receiving and hopefully you can recognize enough clues to find those cameras.

Oh, and if you're too slow we cannot guarantee your return trip through time. Byeeee!!! (Developer's note: There is no actual time limit)


Movement - WASD

Run - Shift

Look - Mouse

Jump - Space

Zoom - Mouse Wheel

Pick Up Camera - Left Click

Equip/Unequip your Beat Band - E


BeatBandSweeper_08.zip 113 MB

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