Instructions: Press Z to create nodes. Press X to delete nodes. Create them near each other to create links and build structures. Left click and drag on nodes to move them around.

Patterned zones will restrict your ability to interact with nodes. Some zones will not let you build. Others will cause your nodes to stick in place. Others will not allow you to drag your nodes through them.

For the single example level you must get the single solid node and two hollow nodes into the goal region towards the top of the screen. You will have to get creative with the 19 nodes you have to work with.

Developer's Notes: As usual with events like this, I ran out of time. Well, if I'm being honest I just spent too much time on mechanics and "feel". I was only able to complete a single example level and a simple sandbox area for playing around with the mechanics. The building mechanics should be familiar to anyone who has played the game World of Goo.

I really wanted to do something different though and utilize a cool color mixing mechanic by connecting colored nodes. The only bit of this that made it into the game is the color shifting of the nodes based on their location. There's no gameplay influence though which I'm quite disappointed with. If I continue to develop this game I think that's where I'd like to take it.

Overall I'm quite satisfied with the foundations of the game and I'll be interested to see what people think of the general premise. Maybe there's something here worth investing more time in? Cheers, and good luck to the other participants!


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I think you should definitely keep working on this, it has potential and also shows how Stencyl is powerful and flexible.
I loved World of Goo back in the days, and I think that this type of mechanics could be expanded in  lots of way... so don't leave this prototype alone, please. :)
Just a quick note: make the goal more clear, it took me a while to see it... but maybe it's just me. XD
Good job, keep up the good work!